Impresión 3D - Colaboración con exposición en La Capella

Fab Lab BCN

This object creates spot or meeting point, which gives you ability to park your bicycle, kickscooter or skateboard, at the same time, to sit down and spend a while with your friend. Principle is adaptable to any type or shape of public space.

Dimensions: 190 x 122 x 109 cm, sitting level: 32- 52 cm

Design by Michal Kukucka, finalized by help of FabLabBcn.

Final version and its color variations.

Plywood laser-cut model.

a) T-splines NURBS surface

b) Intersections with simple Grasshopper definition

c) Waffle structure joints with Grasshopper definition

d) Final polysufrace for rendering.

Manufacturing preparations. By dividing some of the large parts, optimized version can be done from 4 wooden sheets 2400x1000x30 mm.

Final adjustments. Edges covered with rubber stripes, to make seating area more comfortable.