Fab Lab BCN

Naves is the proposal for a temporary pavilion for the city of Mons, Capital of Culture in 2015, is an investigation into lightness and transparency.

fab lab bcn pro</a>

model detail </a>

The model was fabricated using distinct technologies of the Fab Lab, laser cutting and CNC milling.  The materials that were used were : Fir wood for the base, using 26mm Ball Tool to make the line effect and fiber wires for the structure.

structure of Naves project


Project: Naves

Client: Appareil

Team: Edouard Cabay, Elena Poropat, Julie Soulat, Charlotte Arres.

Parametric modeling: Alexandre Dubor

Collaborators: Leonard Gallegos, Hello Monster.

Fabrication and digital file preparation: Tomas Diez, Anastasia Pistofidou