La promesa (oficial videoclip)

Fab Lab BCN

Fab Lab Barcelona opened its doors and expertise for the shooting of the last music video for the Catalan singer, Mazoni.

Based on the ideas from director Miquel Matas, the Fab Lab provided its digital fabrication know-how, tools and facilities.


This includes primarily the use of the Kuka Robot for camera movement and milling but also the use of  Kinnect’s 3D scanner technology and Makerbot’s 3D Printer.


This aligns on a new service line targeted for video creatives who want to use Digital Fabrication technology on their projects, specially the possibilities offered by the Kuka Robot for computer controlled camera movement. Based on the possibilities this offers, the Fab Lab already has created a set of robot attachments for most video SLR cameras.


With JAUME PLA and MARGA ALMIRALL in collaboration with FabLab Barcelona.
* - Director: Miquel Matas * - Production: Marc Cuscó and Miquel Matas * - Cinematography: Marc Roca and Lluís Tudela * - Lighting: Marc Roca, Marc Cuscó and Blanca Camell * - Art: Alexandra Jordan * - Art assistant: Aina Pociello * - Editing: Marc Roca, Lluís Tudela and Miquel Matas * - Technical assistance Fab Lab: Guillem Camprodon * - Technical assistance Kuka Robot: Alexandre Dubor