FabLab Barcelona @ BCN LLUM – Data net, Sensing real time behavior

Fab Lab BCN

Data net – Sensing real time behaviour is an installation that IAAC FabLab Barcelona was invited to design by the Barcelona City Council to within the BCN LLUM festival during the Santa Eulàlia cellebration.


In the courtyard of the museum Marés DATA NET is born, another tree next to the existing ones. This new tree, though, is forming an interactive mesh covering the patio of the museum.

You see the installation illuminated but you also find yourselves, as visitors, participating in the project.


The intensity of the lighting of the installation reacts to the location and the density of the visitors through a series of sensors that tracks people´s movement. This way, visitors are not only observers of a space but participants in its creation, definition and variation.


DATA NET is reflecting a living organism that moves and evolves according to the data generated by the public.


FabLab Barcelona.
Rodrigo Aguirre, Silvia Brandi, Guillem Camprodon, Alexander Dubor, Luis Fraguada, Areti Markopoulou, Anastasia Pistofidou.

Lighthig expert: Pablo Martinez.

3d Scanning: Henrik Leander Evers (CITA Copenhague)

Fabric manipulation: Claudio Marza.

Collaboradors: Moritz Begle, Karen Beyens, Alejandra Diaz de Leon, Blanca Duarte, Robert Garita, Anna Popova, Chirag Rangholia, Aldo Sollazzo, Angeliki Terezaki, Sebastian Varela.

Photo Credits: Filippo Poli