Fab Car - Distributed design and fabrication

Fab Lab BCN

In the context of Fab10, the 10th International Fab Lab Conference that took place on July 2nd to 8th 2014 in Barcelona, Fab Lab Barcelona, in collaboration with HP Designjet and Open Source Vehicle, developed a Fab Car.

The ‘Fab Car’ is an open source concept vehicle revolving around giving people the ability to modify, customize, and adapt the vehicle to their specific needs at any given time anywhere in the world. Fab Lab Barcelona and the HP team decided to join forces with three other Fab Labs: Garage Fab Lab, (Sao Paulo, Brazil), FabCafe Tokyo and Fab Lab Manchester to develop the proposal. Over three months, each lab worked remotely on di?erent components of the car.

All the designs are open source, so that anyone can download them, adapt the design to their particular need, and produce it in a near Fab Lab.

The vehicle was based on OSV’s open source chassis, the Tabby, and production of the entire body took place at Fab Lab Barcelona.