Projection mapping facade @ FMIG

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Fab Lab Barcelona in its mission to stimulate artistic creation through new digital media production and media arts, sponsored the artist Xavi Bové in his project -Cycle of Life-, which was presented at FIMG, Festival Internacional de Mapping de Girona 2014."

3d printed facade for projection mapping

We produced the scaled model of the facade of Casa Pastors, for the artist to create his digital piece and test the projection and also in order to create a portable version that would be able to travel in various exhibitions all over the world. The 3D model had to be converted to the appropriate format for CAM milling with the CNC and 3D printing using Z-corp technology. The scaled model facilitates visual artists to create and adopt their creations, making the production more precise and direct to be implemented on the real facade of the building.

“In the Cycle of Life, the soprano Elizabeth Vilaplana’s voice (member of the Liceu Theatre chorus) and Raul Patiño’s piano (director of the Eclectic Colour Orchestra) give life to the building through the visuals generated by code and projected onto the façade”, writes Pelayo Méndez, the coder that is behind the artistic piece. Generative graphics are developed using OpenFrameworks, Millumin, Syphon,ofxTimeline creative applications.

The concept derives from the 150th commemoration anniversary of Richard Strauss (1864-1949), narrating the concern of representing life and death in his compositions, from the extracts of two of his songs for sleep, “Wiegenlied” and “Beim Schlafengehen

detail facade

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- Festival Internacional de Mapping de Girona (FIMG) 2nd Prize Professional Category: <a href=””target=”_blank”></a>