Zero Series 2017

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on January 21, 2017

Can Valldaura is a centre for investigation encompassing 130 hectares of forested territory in the ‘Serra de Collserola park’. The territory is a productive landscape, a bio-diverse living habitat and facilities for research and practice. The Zero Series offers a collection of immersive and investigative workshops at the Valldaura laboratories for Self-sufficiency, engaging in practical introductions to the fields of Digital Fabrication, Biology, Forestry and Agroecology.

The territory has been materially and productively connected to the city of Barcelona for centuries and is now being re-activated, its land and settlement strive towards energetic, material and nutritional self-sufficiency, in the pursuit of local productive systems and advanced modes of production and across a multitude of disciplines.

The Zero series follows a seasonal almanac, beginning with 5 day Forestry workshops in Winter and Spring. Followed by Agro Ecology and Biology workshops in the Spring and Summer months. The tuition follows closely the annual work cycles and the practical tasks differ according to the seasons. Each workshop may be taken alone or combined. Together the Zero Series forges a unique set of transversal practices that explore novel management approaches and engage in a circular material economy. Participants will learn from direct and tacit experience, whilst gain skills in the use of digital technologies.

From precision agriculture to the fabrication of electronic devices, participants will learn how to fell trees, harvest resin, use territorial computation and mapping techniques using environmental robots. They will familiarize themselves onsite microbial ecology, use incubators and microscopes and measure metabolisms. Informed by a web of sciences we take experience from the Fab Academy connected to MITs’ centre for bits and Atoms, the Bio Academy from Harvard medical school and the post-graduate programs of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia IAAC.

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