BioShades Whorkshop and talks

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on March 13, 2018

BioShades workshop and talks on 15 March 2018 from Makers of Waag Society on Vimeo.

Could dyeing with bacteria be an alternative to chemical dyes? With BioShades we explore the potential of dyeing with bacteria as a less harmful alternative in TextileLab Amsterdam and the participating TCBL labs. The upcoming BioShades event on 15 March 2018 there will be a workshop and talkshow during which we explore dyeing with bacteria together.The workshop takes place at TextileLab Amsterdam – Waag and streamed live in different TCBL labs across Europe where local instructors while lead you through the process step by step.

Anastasia Pistofidou, FabTextiles Project Leader and Fabricademy, will tell us the challenges and possibilities that the Textile & Clothing Business Labs (TCBL) are investigating to reduce one of the most disastrous and polluting processes of the textile industry: the dyeing of fibers.

During this TCBL BioShades event labs across Europe will connect through a video conferencing system and address this issue during a distributed bacteria dyeing workshop and an evening talks that gives the floor to experts from different fields. BioShades is part of TCBL that aims to renew the European Textile & Clothing sector. We explore new ways to design, make, and work together and inventing new business models to open up new markets. BioShades is one of the research topics. Join the event and connect to the TCBL BioShades network and other people interested in this topic.

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