Employee information

If you are a new employee at FabLab Barcelona, please do the following:

  1. Get a free Github account. It only takes a minute! :watch:
  2. Please add your profile picture on Github: https://github.com/settings/profile
  3. Create an issue asking someone who has admin access to add your username to the fablabbcn organization team called Employees at https://github.com/orgs/fablabbcn/teams/employees
  4. Add your details in the fablabbcn-web repo
  5. Join our Slack channel, and again, please add your profile picture :cop:

Bonus :octocat:


What is Github?

Github is a a place where we store data, mainly text based (code and documentation). It can also store images and videos but it is not optimized for that.

Github uses a technology called git, a version control technology to help keep history of changes to text.

Git records every change you make to a text, allowing you do undo everything, and see who changed what line at what time and why.

Git uses the term commit for changes. It is similar to using the Save button in other programs.

Why should we add our users here?

By having all our users on Github, we can manage them into multiple Teams.

Each Team can have access to repositories, and be allowed to login to websites.

Example: All members of the team called Employees can log into our Grafana monitoring service by clicking the ‘Sign in with Github’ button. (No need to create additional login / password.)

We could use this for more services to make user management easier.

How to edit files on Github

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct file by clicking it in the repository
  2. Click the pencil (edit) button on the right :pencil:

    edit button

  3. Make your changes
  4. Click the green Commit Changes button :heavy_check_mark:

How do I make changes to our main website fablabbcn.org