Project to Speed up Cancer Diagnosis

by Maria Ustarroz     Posted on May 14, 2016

Around 15 million patients are diagnosed with cancer all around the world every year. Nowadays, there is hope for patients, especially when treatment can start quickly with a fast diagnosis.

Our profesor of Biology Zero Course and Bio Academy at Green Fab Lab, Dr. Núria Conde is among the five enthusiastic scientists and PhDs founders of Moirai Biodesign, a Barcelona based biotech startup born with the ambition of improving human health. The startup aims to fast-forward the generation of a healthcare ecosystem where fast and biopsy-free diagnostics, and effective and painless treatments are an option for cancer patients.

In the long term, their goal is to design new Plug and Play RNA biodevices to carry out therapy and tumoral cell identification methods capable to assist doctors in surgical tumor removal. The startup is currently collecting funds to develop a prototype of a diagnostic kit for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Myeloid leukemias are cancers that start in cells that would normally develop into white blood cells. It is called acute because it progresses very quickly if not treated, and can be fatal in a few months. Hence, a fast and affordable diagnosis is of paramount importance.

Their main goal is to develop diagnostic kits capable of detecting those biomarkers within the patient’s blood. A diagnostic kit will be similar to a pregnancy test: it will consist of a reactive paper strip that will change color upon biomarker detection.

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