Cowerk, the Transformative Power of the Makers

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on March 29, 2017

What are the effects of the Maker movement?

What socio-political objectives can be accomplished by this movement?

What (political) instruments are able to promote the desired effects on the economy and on our society?

1st March in Berlin, the Cowerk-conference aim was to discuss the transformative power of the maker movement trough the above questions.

Innovation processes are more open than never before. Various stakeholders support this development in order to use the creativity and the accessible knowledge. Companies make technological knowledge available and provide infrastructure for product development. On the basis of freely accessible technologies, innovative start-ups and well-oriented initiatives are founded.

The decentralization of production has the potential to transform the economy and the society. The proclamation of “Fab Cities” or “Maker Cities” shows what this may mean for urban development. At the conference, practical examples showed the potentials in the technical and social innovations of the makers.

During the conference Tomas Diez, Co-founder Fab Lab Barcelona and Fab City Research Lab Director, talked about Fab City Barcelona and the Mass Distribution of Everything.

for more information: Cowerk

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