Fab Academy BCN 2017 Stories

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on November 07, 2017

Anyone who has done the Fab Academy program will know immediately how intense and rewarding the experience can be. Hundreds of students enter the program each year from a myriad of backgrounds and professions. All share a common curiosity to harness the power of digital fabrication in exciting and creative ways.

It's hard not to be inspired by many of the projects that we saw materialise in such a short time. Fab Lab Barcelona continues to be an exciting hub to do the academy (as it is one of the first Fab Labs in Europe) and it is always exciting to see which projects continue to flourish outside of the Academy.

We decided it would be great to highlight some of the projects from Fab Academy Barcelona and the creative minds behind them.

Makers of the World Unite!


"I am from greece and my background is in architecture. I joined Fab Academy because of I am adventurous by nature and have an interest in computational design. What I really liked about this course was the freedom it gives to chose your project, to customise the process, the schedule, and the final goals according to your needs.
Another benefit was that we were able to see other students' work very often. In our class we had projects ranging from very basic to really advanced and complex. For me, being in the middle, it was very beneficial to be able to see other student’s work because I really learnt a lot from that. Also, it was a good motivation for me to work harder."

by Ionna (Graduated Fab Academy 2017)

Visit her project webpage here


"I'm an Art Director based in Switzerland where I create advertising campaigns on both classic and digital platforms. Fab Academy has provided me with the tools and knowledge to start building more complex projects using 3D printers, laser cutters and electronics.Creating Cloudio - a light emitting and levitating weather station - was challenging but I finally managed to finish the project in time and was able to display my final project at the Barcelona 2017 Maker Faire where it got a lot of positive feedback."

by Wim (Graduated Fab Academy 2017)

Visit his project webpage here


"I'm a software engineer and systems designer from Buenos Aires and currently pursuing a master's degree in systems and robotics. Since moving to Spain I got interested in Biohacking and helped start the first Diy Biospace in Barcelona. During the Fab Academy I developed OpenGrow: an open source modular bioreactor to cultivate yeast, fungi, or even algae such as spirulina. I found the Fab Lab Barcelona a great space to develop my final project together with the amazing support and feedback of the Fab Academy."

by Esteban (Graduated Fab Academy 2017)

Visit his project webpage here


"I’m a faculty member at Sukkur IBA University in Pakistan and have specialised in industrial automation and control. I did Fab Academy because I want to learn how to make (almost) anything. My final project is a smart touch-screen device that can replace manual paper work for university entrance exams and recruitment tests. Fab Lab Barcelona was a great space to be able to do the Fab Academy and provided me with lost of new ideas and support to develop this project."

by Sohail (Graduated Fab Academy 2017)

Visit his project webpage here

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