Making Sense presents Citizen Sensing a toolkit

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on January 21, 2018

Over the past two years, hundreds of local citizens have been actively engaged in citizen science all over Europe. With pride, the Making Sense team now officially presents the ‘Citizen Sensing, a toolkit’ (pdf), which describes all methods, lessons and best practices.

The toolkit is a blueprint for policy makers, city makers and other actively involved citizens to facilitate community-driven data collection. Do you want to measure the local environment yourself? Would you like to work with local residents, experts and your local government? Or are you looking how you involve communities in a measurement campaign? The Citizen Sensing toolkit is now free for everyone to download and use.

In Prishtina (Kosovo), Barcelona and Amsterdam citizens were linked to air quality experts and Fab Labs during Making Sense. Open-source sensors were used to locally measure the quality of the living environment. By working together with different disciplines, measured results became more reliable and the impact increased. Now all lessons, methods and tools are combined in one toolkit.

Download a FREE COPY and learn more about the project.

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