Fab City Summit Paris

by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on July 12, 2018

The Fab City Summit 2018 is an invitation to take part of the transformation towards a more sustainable and accessible future for the cities that become locally productive and globally connected through collaboration and disruptive technologies.

Fab City is a movement that aims to transform the way we consume and produce almost anything in cities, making them more sustainable and resilient, by enabling local production and global collaboration using traditional knowledge and advanced technologies.

The 3rd edition of Fab City Summit is going to be organised in Grand Paris. It will be hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the Paris City Council and the Fab City Foundation .

Neil Gershenfeld (MIT), Danielle Wood (MIT), Indy Johar (project00.cc), Sherry Lassiter (Fab Foundation), Dave Hakkens (Precious Plastic), Saskia Sassen (Columbia University), Ron Eglash (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) are just part of the amazing programme of speakers that you will meet in Paris - Check all the speakers.

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An international event organized by the City of Paris and the European Commission, in collaboration with the Fab City Grand Paris Association and the Fab City Global Initiative.

The Fab City Lab will gather local political leaders, experts in innovation ecosystems and companies. Together we will share experiences and best practice around concrete projects to demonstrate our collective commitment to the Fab City movement.

During the events, 28 Cities, all over the world, will sign the Fab City Manifesto: 10 principles to enable the urban transition towards locally productive and globally connected cities.

FAB CITY CONFERENCE / 12th - 13th, Paris

Cities, Industry and Society gather for two days of inspirations and networking to shape a common vision of the Fab City Movement. Keynotes, Conferences, Meetups, Masterclasses and Workshops and much more.

It will be the best opportunity to present the “Fab City - The Mass distribution of (Almost) Everything” book powered by Fab Lab BCN, Fab City, Barcelona City Hall, Creative Europe, DDMP, IAAC and UNIDO - Stay tuned, the book will be soon downloadable.

Check the Program & all the Speakers

CAMPUS / JULY 14th - 22nd, Paris

Fab City Campus is a free event for families, exploring productive cities in a hands-on, fun environment. Experts from successful projects will gather to present innovative ideas across key aspects of a Fab City future. A unique opportunity for the general public to experience life in a Fab City.

The Fab City Campus free event at the La Villette park will attract more than 10,000 visitors, 500 participants and showcase over 40 international projects. In addition, a distributed event will take place in over 40 locations across the Paris region in partnership with the Tourist Office of Paris and collaboration with ‘Reinventing Places’ initiative in July and August.

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