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by Marco Sanalitro     Posted on July 16, 2018

Fab Lab Barcelona at FAB14 - Fabricating Resilience, Toulouse, France

Members of the more than 1,200 worldwide Fab Labs gather, for 5 days, to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation, and technology.

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In these days, we gave our all! Fab Lab Barcelona’s Experts scheduled amazing Workshops for you (Education, Fashion, Community, Fabrication, Economy, Networking and much more). Fab Lab Barcelona @ FAB14 - Program:

July 17th

14:30 - Fabricademy presents » Workshop: Bioshades, Textile Bacteria Dyeing / During this workshop you will learn about the potential of dyeing with bacteria, you will dye with bacteria yourself and get to know the other TCBL labs and workshop participants that are following the workshop in different locations across Europe. From sterilize to inoculate, you will learn how to collaborate with bacteria and dye textiles with these tiny friends.

17:00 - Future Learning Unit presents » Workshop: Designing active learning experiences / The workshop aims to show and share tools, methodologies and resources for the design of active learning experiences for an education STEAM. The workshop aims to show and share tools, methodologies and resources for the design of active learning experiences for an education STEAM, seeking to inspire and motivate the participants to use the possibilities of digital fabrication, coding and makers philosophy to treat any aspect of the curriculum , but also be able to implement methodologies in the classroom oriented towards research and project work. [Santi Fuentemilla & Xavi Dominguez]

July 18th

9:00 - Fab Academy meeting / Annual meeting of Instructors to discuss the state of the art and design the next steps for the coming cycle. [Luciana Asinari, Santi Fuentemilla & Xavi Dominguez]

14:30 - Fab City + Blockchain present » Workshop: Fab Chain - The blockchain project for Fab Labs and Fab Cities / FabChain - Building an open source distributed ledger for the Fab Lab Network. FabChain purports to explore the use of blockchain technology to promote collaboration between multiple fablabs at the local and global level. The goal is to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge between multiple centers, and test circular economy models for tangible outcomes and local material flows, and enable better and more transparent supply chains in order to support the transition from PITO (Product in - Trash Out) to DIDO (Data in - Data Out). [Tomas Diez]

14:30 - Fabricademy & Fabtextiles present » Workshop: DIY Soft Sensors / Low cost DIY sensors for wearable applications - Learn how to make your own low cost soft sensors. ( bend, stretch, push, stroke, tilt). [Anastasia Pistofidou]

17:00 - Fabricademy & Fabtextiles present » Workshop: Open Source Circular Fashion / Imagine thingiverse for fashion, we made a platform for everybody to share digital patterns for clothes and laser cut them easily in their local fab labs. in this workshop we will design modular reconfigurable laser cut patterns and upload them on the platform [Anastasia Pistofidou]

17:00 - DSISCALE & Future Learning Unit present » Workshop: Digital Social Innovation for Skills and Learning / Education is the key for generating positive changes in our society. In this working group we’ll explore the critical impact of the access to digital skills and learning through DSI projects. Learning and education are a key factor for generating positive changes in our society, since they are the basis of the society of tomorrow, which lies in the hands of future generations. Through our work and others’, we know about many inspiring projects using digital social innovation (DSI) both as a method of learning and a way of delivering positive social changes. The working group will explore the impact of increase the access to digital skills and learning through digital social innovation projects. The first part is an introduction to the topic and the review of some inspiring examples. The second part is a working group where the attendes explore the posibilities and topics where the access to digital skills and learning can be used to tackle social challenges, and to ensure people have the skills to thrive in a world in which many of our known paradigms seem to be crumbling. [Santi Fuentemilla & Xavi Dominguez]

19:00 - Fab Academy Graduation 2018

July 19th

9:00 - Fabricademy & Fabtextiles // Meeting: WG Fabricademy - a new Textile Academy [Anastasia Pistofidou]

14:30 - Fabricademy & Fabtextiles present » Workshop: Learn how to make your own bioplastics / Fabricating bioplastic recipes. Circular processes involve prime matter in the loop of design and production. How can we DIY craft our own material in order to design the performance we wish to acquire? How can we use sustainable biodegradable matter and involve the maker culture into making their own materials? In this workshop we will work with bioplastic recipes, kombucha bacterial skin and other DIY recipes to craft our prime materials. [Anastasia Pistofidou & Clara Davis]

17:00 - Fab City presents » Fab City Network / How to join the Fab City Network, and how to make it happen in your city. FAB City takes the ideals of the Fab Lab - the connectivity, culture and creativity - and scales it to the City. It is a new urban model of transforming and shaping cities that shifts how they source and use materials from ‘Products In Trash Out’ (PITO) to ‘Data In Data Out’ (DIDO). This means that more production occurs inside the city, along with recycling materials and meeting local needs through local inventiveness. A city’s imports and exports would mostly be found in the form of data (information, knowledge, design, code). [Tomas Diez]

July 20th

14:30 - FabLabs.io & Fab Lab Network present » Workshop: Fablabs.io: updates, next steps and discussion / This workshop will discuss Fablabs.io regarding its: - Introduction to the new Fablabs.io; - Latest updates; - Plans for the future; - Q&A. Fablabs.io is the online social network of the international Fab Lab community. It started as a spin-off project in Fab Lab Barcelona by Tomas Diez and John Rees, and is the current official list of Fab Labs that share same principles, tools, and philosophy around the future of technology and its role in society. Fablabs.io is an exchange platform for people, labs, projects, machines, events and groups that operate around the Fab Lab Network, which collaboration and communication tools in order to align interests and to expand the global scale of this community. By using Fablabs.io all Fab Labs are mapped and connected globally, and their knowledge and technical and design innovations become embedded in the larger ecosystem of the Fab Lab Network, which is an open, creative community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, and professionals located in more than 75 countries, with more than 1,200 labs and 14,000 users. [Tomas Diez, Massimo Menichinelli & Guillem Camprodon]


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