Biology Zero Course // Open for Registration

by Luciana Asinari     Posted on May 01, 2016

Course: Biology Zero course

Dates: July 25th to Aug 5th 2016

Where: Green Fab Lab

Price: 650 Euros

Accommodation: Options to stay onsite during week days are available by arrangement.

Biology Zero is a 10-day bootcamp held at the Green Fab Lab, IAAC’s rural campus. It offers an immersive study into the basics of biology, delivering knowledge of methodology and the instruments needed to become a citizen scientist.

Participants will become familiar with a variety of microorganisms, learning how extract them from a samples taken onsite, observe them under a microscope and obtain an analysis their DNA. They will learn how to prepare the proper media to assure for optimal growing conditions and develop their own cultures. In order to do this, students will gain a practical experience of scientific concepts such as sterility, metabolism, genome, synthetic biology, biochemistry or microbiology. Students will not only learn to observe and describe the natural world but attain an understanding of how to actively experiment, design and engineer using their own instruments in a networked context.

The course is also a valuable preparation for those who wish to take the “Bio Academy” program in synthetic and computational biology directed by George Church, director of genetics at Harvard Medical school amongst others.


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